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Interesting resources

  Hello, everyone. I have found some interesting resources for the English classroom which are very useful for inclusion: I love science and experiments so let me recommend : You will find very complete units with quiz games (kahoot) included. The above is a sample. Tinycards.duolingo is another web page to go through everyday  And if you like to make artists of your children , let me recommend  The videos of this artist drawing with his children are very encouraging and all children participate. The most important thing is to participate or as they say "to have fun". No arts books needed, but very surprising results. I hope you find them of use. Ascensión Vítores

Thinking routines

  Hello, everyone! "Project Zero" is from Harvard's Graduate School for Education, and this webpage has a whole list of Thinking Routines.  Look, for example, at an image of the pdf that you can download for one of my personal favourites: See-Think-Wonder: The PDFs are free, so I'm planning on downloading them all so that I have a folder on my computer that I can go to when I need inspiration or a change of routine. I thought that you may find them useful, as well! Have a great day! Jessica Church

Preparing for Cultural Diversity: Resources for Teachers

  Here I share a very interesting and useful site with resources and links to attend cultural diversity. Click on the picture to read the article. Hope you find it interesting.

What is Equality and Diversity?

  Have a look at this article on Equality and Diversity, enlighting and clarifying to deal with essential concepts in our course: diversity, equality and multiculturalism. Hope you like it.

Five steps to an inclusive classroom

This is a short and visual video which give us tips to make our classroom inclusive and help ALL OUR STUDENTS to be successful learners. Beliefs set the direction. Social and emotional learning. Learn together. Reduce barriers to success. Use what we know about how brains grow.

We all are different and that's cool!

Cole Blakeway is a boy who considers himself different and he's so happy because he thinks being different is awesome. Each of us are special and unique and we are perfect  and happy just the way we are. He says It is also great to have a "different" friend. A great and funny video to reflect on diversity and inclusion in our classes and in our lives.

Self-care for Educators

  More than one of you have mentioned "emotional strength", "emotional challenge", and "physical challenge" when expressing your doubts and fears when addressing inclusion and diversity in the classroom.   I don't think that's surprising--with all of the pressures that we have as educators (and people--we're also spouses, parents, athletes....!) it can be hard to find a balance.  (Says the mom of three who is correcting tasks and writing in a forum at 18.40 in the evening on a Sunday... ha!)  I'll share with all of you some ideas for Self-Care, and then I'm moving away from my computer and going for a walk with my family.... Jessica Church

Good resources

  I'd like to share with you a very interesting web with ready made resources for special needs children, with lots of ideas and materials that you can adapt to your lessons. It's not in English but everything can be adapted.   And if you are a fan of social media, don't forget to follow her on Facebook or Instagram  @entre_tea     Laura Riesco

Microsoft Forms

  Here I share a video tutorial with some new features in Microsoft Forms. One of them is very useful for the visually impaired and other special needs, " Immersive reader for anonymus Forms ". Forms is a very useful tool to work different contents with our students, not only for assessment but also for learning activities, reviewing and even peer collaboration. Laura Riesco

Plena Inclusión webpage

  This is a very useful web about inclusion, with specific information about Covid pandemia and you can even download an app to help people with special needs. Disponemos de una aplicación para dispositivos móviles en la que podrás encontrar multitud de recursos para personas con discapacidad intelectual o del desarrollo, familiares, profesionales y personas voluntarias. Junto a ello, también dispone de Foros sobre diferentes ámbitos y de un sistema de  avisos  y alertas, todo ello en relaciona esta situación de pandemia. Mª José Prieto

Masks and deaf people in schools

  I share with you a very interesting article about masks and deaf people in schools. It's an inspiring experience that may enrich all of us. Laura Riesco

Vídeo DUA

  Vídeo DUA: Diseño Universal de Aprendizaje con Coral Elizondo. Mª José Prieto

The Food Wheel project

    I include here the link to a project I did with students in Year 3: "The Food Wheel" when I was teaching Sciences in Toro, two years ago. It is a project and we worked in cooperative groups doing different tasks in the bilingual class. This is what I published in the school blog with the pictures and everything, although it is in Spanish.  This is the link: Esther González Cabrera

Class of Rowdies

  What happens when a young teacher meets a class of rowdies? A must watch for all parents, teachers, and students. Have fun

Changing Education Paradigms

  Changing Education Paradigms