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Hi everybody!

I like using Flippitybecause It allows you to create different types of games such us: bingo, memory, wheel spinning. Normally, they play before starting a new topic in order to introduce the new vocabulary or even when we need review previous an exam. The most interesting is that the memory game offers us audio with the words and when we do competitions and they repit it again and again they are learning the visual word with the sound and it is really usefull. 

Another website that I like is Kahoot but now it is not possible use because my group of students are young children.

Montserrat Díez


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Thinking routines

  Hello, everyone! "Project Zero" is from Harvard's Graduate School for Education, and this webpage has a whole list of Thinking Routines.  Look, for example, at an image of the pdf that you can download for one of my personal favourites: See-Think-Wonder: The PDFs are free, so I'm planning on downloading them all so that I have a folder on my computer that I can go to when I need inspiration or a change of routine. I thought that you may find them useful, as well! Have a great day! Jessica Church